"Robert Burns"

Born into a time when only an artist could record a person's appearance, we have few images of the Great Scot to imagine the way he might have looked.

I wanted to get away from the romantic, fresh faced look of fledgling manhood we all know, and imagine him during his closing months. Here he is after years of excess and severe illness, where the toll of early mornings on the farm and late nights in taverns have caught up with him. I have no doubt that he would have been a top author or rock star with a conscience in our century, and certainly would over-indulge in all the ways on offer to him.

Of course it is a work of imagination, and I could only be guided by intuition. I looked around the streets to observe what hard living 30 somethings look like. You can find them in East End bars. When you look at them, you might be looking at unfulfilled genius.

PS... amazing how many brilliant men have checked out at 37....

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