In order to display Bob's Originals work to the fullest, we highly recommend float mounting his paintings. This creates a 3D effect within the frame - the painting sits back from the glass but also sits forward from the back of the frame, making the painting look like it is 'floating' within the frame. In using this process to mount the paintings, it also shows off the rough edges of the watercolour paper and, as Bob paints on the whole paper area, keeps the full image on display. 

The frame we recommend is a large, square black profile, approx. 55mm wide on the face of the frame and 60mm deep at the sides. This gives a defining edge to the artwork but also ensures you look at the artwork and not the frame. Another reason we recommend this frame is that the depth of the it also allows for the additional thickness of the float mounting process, as this requires an additional 20mm to create the 'floating' effect.