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Seems sad to do a painting just after she passed away. Truth to tell, I'd been on the verge for months because of her outrageous talent and fantastic looks. In hind sight I should have anticipated she would leave us at the "rock star age" of 27, but who could believe that! I've painted her with that famous look, dark, brooding, confused and disillusioned with this world. How ironic that she appeared to be on the way to some kind of recovery according to her splendid Dad, but perhaps it is an unwritten law that genius goes hand in hand with chaotic lifestyle... who knows?

Some fabulous quotes and markers from her brief life are ghosted over her dramatic features.."I'm not a lesbian, until I've had a sambuca anyway"

A Limited Edition run of 195 "Amy" prints are available exclusively here on

Unframed: 580 x 430 mm
Framed: 866 x 696 mm

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