Born in the USA

Born in the USA

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Here's the Boss in typically defiant stance, ready to take on Republican all comers who wanted to claim the song as an anthem for their party. 

Parker Molloy wrote "Whether Reagan was aware of Springsteen's own famously working-class Liberal politics or not, he began a trend now entering its 30th year: the misunderstanding of The Boss."

I have a love/hate relationship with flags. I love their graphic power and their beautiful movement in a breeze. I loathe how politicians use them to divide us. The Stars & Stripes are a magnificent image and fit like a ring on a finger with Bruce. There are some subtle verses written on the stripes to highlight what Bruce was really writing about. This mighty song is so much more than a catchy chorus for crooked gangsters to hijack.

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Unframed: 570 x 330 mm
Framed: 856 x 596 mm

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