Lennon in Shades

Lennon in Shades

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Cezanne painted Mont Saint-Victoire over 60 times and Monet did haystacks till they all got pissed off and went to the loft, so I see no reason for not re-working old faves like this. It's impossible to write your name twice identically, never mind construct a painting exactly. This one is a soft take with a breeze coming in on a balmy day. On his face I have used some biographical info and some quotes which give clues to the man's ideas and qualities. Behind one nearly opaque lens a dark eye weighs up the immature planet he's landed on and would depart within a decade.

A Limited Edition run of 195 “Lennon in Shades" prints are available exclusively here on bobharperart.com

Unframed: 580 x 430 mm
Framed: 866 x 696 mm

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