Sgt. Pepper 50 Years Ago...

Sgt. Pepper 50 Years Ago...

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I was in a warm London on the day Sgt. Pepper was released, fresh out of sitting a bunch of Highers and ready to spend some hard earned cash on this long-awaited release. I recall seeing it for the first time, marveling at the back cover lyrics, and then the iconic gate fold. Inside were cut-out toys like coloured moustaches which I wore on the Northern Line tube, and I wasn't the only one. Life was so much fun and suddenly Britain was glorious technicolour and psychedelic sounds.

15 years ago I was still in love with this piece of genius so I spent considerable amount of time painting the band. 15 years later, to celebrate the half century, I've made a limited edition print of those paintings. It's still wonderful to be here.

A Limited Edition run of 195 “Sgt Pepper” prints are available exclusively here on

Unframed: 800 x 610 mm
Framed: 1086 x 876 mm

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