The Boss

The Boss

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Bruce at 61, three months younger than me. Our lives have run in tandem with 3,000 miles between us. When I was playing in the woods as a kid, chances are he'd have been doing the same. We stared out of different school windows on the same days, dreaming about our futures. We both left home that Wednesday in 1962 wondering if we'd see our parents again... Jack & Mr. K. saw to it that we did, but it was very scary! I have felt an affinity because of our birth year.

He's staring down the world with immense power in his eyes. He's from a blue collar family in New Jersey, knows (and remembers) all about the difficulties all of us have to endure. On interview he is the most eloquent of his generation, and surpassed himself at Clarence's eulogy when he spoke so truthfully about the Big Man.

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