There’s a Starman

There’s a Starman

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There I was, painting Bowie in a fairly orthodox manner. Lord knows how many I've done down the years, so I headed off to bed with me in good humour and Starman in my headphones... It had been a pleasant Sunday. I woke to the shock news that he had passed the next morning. Well, my state of disbelief meant I was functioning in a most unusual manner, not at all in an organised state. My painting marks took on a life of their own as I constructed and destructed this image. I worked pretty furiously as it underwent a lifetime of changes. This painting had to be experimental. That is, after all, how the man lived his life. It's an image evocative of "checking out" and is therefore weirdly appropriate.

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Unframed: 680 x 505 mm
Framed: 966 x 771 mm

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