A Lead Role In A Cage

A Lead Role In A Cage

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I got so hooked on early Floyd when I was working on my first "Syd" that I had to continue rolling the same direction. This is the result of more frenetic drawing with brushes, sandpapers and various markers.

Researching on the Internet is fun and usually unearths gems like photographer Mick Rock's recollections of meeting Syd and the band in London in 1966. He recalls "Every group name was preceded by “The” back then, The Beatles, The Who, The Kinks. What the hell was ‘Pink Floyd’? It turned out Syd had named them after his two cats, who in turn were named after a couple of blues singers.

That is so Syd!

Unframed: 760 x 570 mm
Framed: 1063 x 868 mm

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