All You Need Is Love

All You Need Is Love

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"Our World" was the first live, world-wide satellite programme,  broadcast on the 25th June 1967 (7.55pm to 10.00pm) to an international audience in excess of 350 million. The programme was divided into sections with people like Maria Callas, Pablo Picasso and Lyndon Johnson contributing. 

The Beatles performed "All You Need Is Love", which was broadcast from a crowded Studio 2 at Abbey Road. The band had invited many friends including the Rolling Stones, Keith Moon, Eric Clapton and Marianne Faithfull to join in the chorus and add to the atmosphere.

The great pity of it all was that it was in black and white, though at the time we knew nothing else. Screened at the height of the Vietnam war, which was all we saw on the box that year, the Beatles were asked to write an uplifting song to cheer the world. They premiered their masterpiece at 8.54pm, and it has lived with me in my frontal lobes, dimmed as they were by a mighty portion of beer that night.

I've made 4 portraits which might be framed as 1 or 4 individual paintings. They're seen through the dimming kaleidoscope of time, hinting at the colourful but fragile optimism that 1967 brought to us all. Look at us now!

Approx Dimensions:
Unframed: 110 x 350 mm
Framed: These can be framed together or separately.

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