Billy From Anderston

Billy From Anderston


Researching the Big Yin I discovered I now live but a stone throw from his birthplace at 69 Dover Street  "on the linoleum, three floors up at six o'clock in the evening", in Anderston, Glasgow. The section of Dover Street, between Breadalbane and Claremont Streets, was demolished in the 1970s. The flat had only two rooms: a kitchen-living room, with a recess where the children slept, and another room for their parents. The family bathed in the kitchen sink, and there was no hot water.

He has given me more serious belly laughs than anyone else on the planet, so it's little wonder I keep returning to his mischievous face for yet another bash.

Unframed: 760 x 570 mm
Framed: 960 x 770 mm

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