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I have never managed to read as much as I'd like to, but I took a friend's advice and poured over Johan Cruyff's autobiography while on a recent vacation in the sun. Very good, very inspirational guy, a real Amsterdammer who did things his way. It is little wonder he ran up against major obstacles in the shape of board members at Ajax, Barcelona and later with the Dutch Federation (KNVB).

He was such a graceful, electric sharp thinker on and off the pitch, he loved the Beatles and that whole revolutionary period where anything was possible. No wonder I identified with him so strongly. Along with Best, by far my top European footballer.

This painting looked like he was made of wax until I reach for the sandpaper. It supplied that ghostly appearance I'd strived for. Viva Johan!

Unframed: 760 x 570 mm
Framed: 1063 x 868 mm

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