Paul — Yesterday

Paul — Yesterday

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One of four guys who redirected my life in the early 60s. I'd been vaguely aware of "Love Me Do" but the first time I saw The Beatles was on "Thank Your Lucky Stars" when they sang "Please Please Me." It was Saturday 19th January 1963, the coldest month last century and some bloke drove his car over the icy Thames at Oxford. My life changed forever and I can't remember feeling any cold in the north of Scotland.... I was absorbed in Beatlemania. 51 years later I stood on the threadbare rugs in Macca's council house living room, fully aware of the positive impact he had had on the bulk of my life. Inauspicious surroundings to say the least, but the guide assured me that the duo conceived at least 50 songs in his Spartan, tiny bedroom.

Here he is, then and now, in my opinion a genius. Side 2 Abbey Road

Unframed: 760 x 570 mm
Framed: 1063 x 868 mm

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