Stones Hats

Stones Hats

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This is really a very loose watercolour wash painting, tightened up around the features with charcoal and coloured pencils. Anton Corbijn took this incredible shot in Budapest, 1995. I've ghosted in Brian Jones on the right and rearranged the composition. He died some 26 years earlier, and here he's wondering WTF his earthbound colleagues are up to. The song "No Expectations" has lines that could apply to Jones, and it's fascinating to read what Mick reminisces with regard to this mighty song.

Jagger said in a 1995 interview in Rolling Stone, "That's Brian playing [the slide guitar]. We were sitting around in a circle on the floor, singing and playing, recording with open mikes. That was the last time I remember Brian really being totally involved in something that was really worth doing".

Techy note: negative shapes are the white shapes between the shapes you see first. I've shoved the hats closer and modified their posture to emphasise the negatives.

Unframed: 570 x 760 mm
Framed: 873 x 1058 mm

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